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Sarah Weyers
Managing Editor & 
Strategic Communication

While completing her first degree in Fashion Journalism and Media Communication and being awarded with a Certificate of Excellence for her final project, Beauty Construct, Sarah gained her first professional experience as the Editor in Chief for BUY GOOD STUFF, the fair fashion guide for Düsseldorf. She then moved to New York City to work as Production assistant for the German TV network Pro Sieben/Sat 1 Media. Upon her return she started writing for SUPERIOR MAGAZINE, a Berlin based online magazine dedicated to fashion, and expanded her knowledge on sustainability with her column “Let’s talk about Green”. Her writing enabled her to attend PERU MODA 2016 as well as Mercedes Benz Ljubljana Fashion Week 2017, where she gained important insight on the local fashion industries. In addition to her work in journalism, she has gained valuable experience in the PR field by working for several agencies and brands in their corporate strategy development. She has since completed a second Bachelor’s degree with a focus on marketing and brand management and plans on completing a Master’s degree in International Business and Manangement.



Sarah is passionate about the color white, vintage clothing, Soy Lattes, dogs and everything mid-century-modern.

Anna Bremer
Brand Consulting &
Influencer Relations

Since completing a M.Sc. in International Management (1,6) and a B.A. in Fashion & Luxury Management as second-best of the course, Anna has been gaining explicit knowledge in the field of strategic brand communication.


Living in Paris and developing the French online shop Monnier Frères as the Marketing Responsible for the German market, has not only given her the chance to dive into the French culture, but has provided her with an in-depth experience in digital communication.


Working for Giorgio Armani gave her great insights into the sales and wholesale department. Spending a year in the PR department of Hermès, she was able to focus especially on the German press and the long-term image development and positioning of luxury brands. Consequently, she decided to change sides and get to know the industry from another perspective.


For over five years, she has been managing brand relations and strategic partnerships for high-end fashion influencer Nina Suess.


Anna is passionate about health and wellness, long walks in the sunrise  and Bon Iver.

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