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33 "GOD"

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

One of our main inspirations and the sound of countless The Agency 23 office days - 33 "GOD", will send chills down your spine and leave you in a state of trance, euphoria, meditativeness or even melancholy.

The fourth song on Bon Iver's album 22, A Million, will suprise you with unprecedent sounds, clashing of instruments, deep electronic vibes and an unheard structure that will keep you eavesdropping attentively for the entire 3,33 minutes.

Fulminating drums take turns with soft and dreamy choir and Vernon fools around with religious taboos, all wrapped in his paradoxical irony. This song leaves much space for your sensations, for your very personal interpretation and ideas without imposing any interpretations and ideas. Listen closely and float away.

Do you remember that Jesus died when he was 33 years old?


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