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Peru Moda 2016 Preview

Being the main event of the Peruvian fashion industry, PERÚ MODA takes place in Lima April 20th-22nd of 2016.

Being organized by PROMPERU and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the focus of the edition is to strengthen and relaunch the brand image of the textile and apparel industries in Peru. The fashion fair promotes direct contact between Peruvian export companies and international buyers from all over the world. The main focus is on establishing businesses and showcasing the best of South American fashion. The high level of quality, design claim, and competitive prices as well as the versatility of local companies can be seen during the event. PERÚ MODA showcases the best of apparel, footwear, jewelry and accessories, giving the visitors the opportunity to explore the product range of renowned Peruvian designers, establish new business contacts and learn about the fashion industry as well as the culture of Peru.

In 2011, around eight thousand visitors form all over the world came to Lima to learn about the fashion industry in Latin America and take advantage of the big variety PERÚ MODA offers in terms of products, designers and services. Besides the exhibition itself, the fair organizes runway shows and contests as well as conferences held by internationally renowned designers. The number of both exhibitors and designers is growing steadily; again, in 2011 around 130 representatives from renowned fashion retailers from the US and 80 from Brazil visited the fair, making it clear that the quality and high level of aesthetics of Peruvian fashion are interesting for the retail markets in both countries.

Choosing the location to host the most important fashion fair in Latin America, Peru came to mind quickly. Being located on the western coast of South America, Lima is a projection as a regional hub of South American fashion. Putting great focus on a sustainable and responsible use of resources, Lima is a human capital of creativity, talent and innovation. Joining forces of the private and the public sector in terms of positioning Peru as a trustworthy export country offers more markets the advantages of enjoying the premium portfolio, quality and high productive standards of Peruvian fashion. Peru’s export supply is growing constantly, having the countries’ industry react to trends, needs and demands of the international market.

Another fact that needs to be taken into consideration is the depending economic wealth of the country on the fashion industry. The textile and apparel industry have been beneficiaries of economic stability alongside the increase of production and exports to global markets, leading to a modernized, expanded and diversified supply in all areas. Also, Peru has been enjoying a prolonged period of economic growth, which has been strongly supported by the orderly macroeconomic policy and the confidence of both national and international investors in the market.


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