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Jorge Luis Salinas | Peru Moda 2016

Presenting his new collection in an open space under the sky of Lima, designer Jorge Luis Salinas connects fashion to modern architecture and traditional cultural elements of Peru even before the show started. In order to promote the Peruvian export industry, a new brand called “Peru Textiles” was founded and introduced by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism and President of the Board of PROMPERU, Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez and Salinas was able to open the event one day before the official opening of PERU MODA and PERU MODA GIFTSHOW.

Jorge Luis Salinas had already showed his collection at the last New York Fashion Week. He had the chance to do so because he won an agreement with Macy’s US at last years PERU MODA that was promoted by PROMPERU. He was the only Peruvian fashion designer to show his creation at NYFW alongside of well known designers such as Vera Wang, Alica + Olivia and many more. Graduating from Philadelphia University opened many chances to experience the world in all its colors, yet Salinas takes his inspiration from the Andean world.

Combining traditional elements with modern and chic designs shows the inspiration that Salinas took from the strong winds of Paracas. Using contrasting materials such as leather and light silk, alpaca wool and thin cotton made the collection interesting and filled it with details. The intricate designs of back cutouts and trumpet sleeves, embroidered valances or flounces at the back of trousers showed his manual and craftsmanship skills.

Using a small color pallet of white, black and one district brick tone did not only create a focus on the designs but also offers many possibilities to combine the extraordinary pieces with less detailed pieces. One highlight of the collection is a midi dress that merges Peruvian traditions, minimalist cutout lace in a sleek black look together.

The shoes styled with the looks were shiny silver Oxford Flats, again emphasizing the perfect combination of tradition with modernity.


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